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Time to Re–Think 999

Something is wrong… very wrong when an individual believes it is alright to ring the national emergency number in order to ask for an ambulance to come, pick them up and take them home because they have no money for a taxi!

Time to re–think…. Not undo… rather, enhance and make leaps towards a 999 service which is able to whittle out time wasting, abusive and threatening behaviours towards our Emergency Services. 

Life is changing rapidly. How we interact with each other is evolving in ways which seem to move us apart just as often as draw us together.

Technology has the ability to shape with greater efficiency, bringing greater stability and confidence to systems which are currently struggling. 

For example – better that an emergency response vehicle arrives at the scene of an emergency than end up somewhere wholly inappropriate.

Our product, TapSOS, has been in development over the past 3 years. 

Working closely with the Blue Light community and various charities, the team at TapSOS are striving to deliver on their value – ‘Inclusivity is not a privilege, rather a right’.

From the first roll–out version, TapSOS will enable the end user to build into the app their medical information, which, when required is transmitted directly to the appropriate emergency call handler. This can then be used to help prioritise the level of response along with relaying the medical information to first responders. 

Our technologies will offer greater services in the future as more and more services come into line. 

TapSOS playing its part in the delivery of Next Generation 999.

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