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Start them young

You collapse on the floor with your child beside you. The room is spinning and your phone is out of reach. Your 7–year–old son stares at you and then reaches out to grab the phone, call 999 and calmly give your details to the call handler.

Sounds too good? Well not for Leanne Smyth and her son Kye. Leanne decided to explain to Kye “what to do if mummy ever didn’t wake up” when he was only four. She is certainly glad she did, as a series of events unfolded during February led to her to regaining consciousness with Kye, his younger siblings and paramedics surrounding her. Kye had done what mum had taught him and it saved her life.

Then there is 3–year–old Sofia Harman. Her mum, Patricia Hannington, was painting in the kitchen when she collapsed as the result of a rare heart condition which speeds up her heart rate and at the same time dangerously reduces her blood pressure. Patricia had taught Sofia how to contact 999 in case she ever got ill. Patricia states: “I want to get across to other parents that it’s never too early to speak to their children about calling 999.I am lucky to have such a brave little girl who knew what to do.” I’m so proud of Sofia.

The motto of this story is – Start them young!

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