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TapSOS is now available

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Just tap emergency app

A non–verbal way to connect with the emergency services

How it works

Tap the app

Before use, create your
personal profile

In an emergency, select
which service you require

GPS pinpoints your
exact location

Provide additional
information about
the incident

Emergency response vehicle
on route to the emergency

Our partners

“BT are proud to have worked with British APCO since its inception in 1993, to ensure that the emergency services have the systems and support they need. BT are delighted that the BT Infinity Lab competition participant TapSOS Ltd, is following the British APCO process for ensuring that customers of the emergency services can benefit from mobile phone apps intended to supplement the standard 999 service. In doing so, TapSOS can deliver a valuable solution for UK citizens who are deaf, hard of hearing, have speech problems, or are in difficult situations by ensuring that there's an agreed interaction between TapSOS and the emergency services. BT fully supports the approach taken by TapSOS to help increase the accessibility of the emergency services.”

“TapSOS could potentially assist a great many people in an emergency situation. We partnered with TapSOS to develop and test the product because of our expertise in technical safeguarding provision.”

Engineered with the assistance of Devon and Cornwall Police

Our Supporters

  • University of Ulster
  • Santander
  • Connect
  • Entrepreneurial Spark
  • Techstart
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Pitch Palace
  • NISP Connect
  • UnLtd
  • Nominet Trust
  • Springboard
  • Springboard

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"Best Technology Based Company" Belfast Business Awards 2018

"Digital Health Award" AbilityNet 2018

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TapSOS is now available

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